Our goal is to be there for our clients every step of the way as their lives grow more complex. We are not only focused on the current investment environment, but we are constantly thinking about where the world is going. We maintain a transparent and engaged relationship with our clients so that we can constantly monitor and evaluate their investment portfolio. Additionally, we believe strongly that the daily activities of our clients are key inputs into their financial well-being. It is our objective to be part of the ongoing conversation about where are clients are, and where they are going.

Our Financial Planning Services

•   Identify and prioritize goals
•   Personal budgeting and cash flow projection
•   Financial analysis for long-term savings
•   Education Funding
•   Income and expenditure analysis
•   Cash-flow based decision-analysis
•   Face-to-Face & virtual strategy meetings

Our Investment Management Process

•   Analyze and assess client’s investment objectives, financial situation, investment holdings and goals

•   Propose target asset allocation and portfolio structuring that corresponds with the client’s risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and overall suitability

•   Propose changes to client’s investment portfolio resulting from changes in financial situation, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, and specific performance of a           client’s overall holdings

•   Maintain a clear understanding of our client’s financial situation, return objectives, and liquidity needs by continually engaging with them during the year             by phone, virtually (video meetings), and through face-to-face meetings.

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